The Many Uses Of An Extendable Table

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extendable tableOne of the most useful and ingenious pieces of furniture is the extendable table.  They make absolute sense especially if you live in a small apartment or have limited space.

A small extendable dining table can be useful for many things, not just at Thanksgiving and Christmas or for large family get-togethers. They are great if you have grandchildren who like to do jigsaw puzzles for example, or if you enjoy playing board games or cards.

The modern extendable dining table is not a new invention; extending tables have been around for hundreds of years.  Women often used extendable tables to lay out patterns and cut fabric, or support the weight of large items such as quilts as they are being made.

Round extendable tables can only turn into an oval table once an extension or board is added in the middle. The entire under frame of the table will pull out by means of a track with a cog wheels that help to pull the ends of the frame apart. Some extending tables will take a number of drop-in panels that must be stored separately; the table is then gently pushed back in so that prongs on the extensions fit snugly into each other. With a large table it will take two people to accomplish this easily.

These days you can buy glass extendable tables but you will have to consider safe storage for the extra glass panels when they’re not in use. They should be wrapped in an old blanket or other protective covering and stored safely where there’s no danger of the glass being chipped.

A small extendable table is the perfect solution if you occasionally have a couple of friends over for dinner or to play cards, most come with 4 chairs so you can all be comfortable.

If you just got married and you plan to have a family, buying an extendable dining table will be a very good idea so the table can actually grow with your family.  If it’s made of wood or is an antique dining table you can buy specially made pads to protect the surface, or alternatively you could cover it with a blanket and then a table cloth to protect the surface.

Modern extendable dining tables of course come in all kinds of different finishes, from wood to very durable and easily cleaned surfaces.  You’ll see all shapes and sizes including oval extendable dining tables. Some antique tables often have a nifty mechanism inside, so when you pull from each end the extension pops up from underneath, so there will be no problem with storing the extensions. Many modern extendable dining tables are made the same way.

If you own an antique wooden extendable table to which you add the separate extensions only occasionally, store the extensions carefully. Too often they are consigned to attics and sheds where they can warp, discolor, get wet or damp or can be ruined by bugs. Better to wrap any wooden extensions in a protective blanket and store them under a bed.

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